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The Issue

The largest issue facing our community today is the drug/addiction epidemic that has affected everyone in many ways. Way too many of our young people have been taken from us as a result of this devastating problem. This issue is too big to just 'arrest our way through it', we need to take multiple approaches at fighting this issue. I believe the City is taking the correct steps in supporting all angles of the fight against this epidemic. One of those ways is through education and prevention, the City is participating in the Drug Free America Club (DFA), which helps provide reasons and resources to High School students to stay drug free. Other avenues are treatment and law enforcement. The City currently has an officer on two different local task forces and just recently approved to financially support in part, an additional officer from the Sheriff's Department to be a member of a DEA task force. I would like to see the City assist the group organizers in growing the DFA Club to the middle school level as well. The City currently does a great job of supporting youth activities in our community. These activities provide our youth with healthy examples of a lifestyle that does not involve drug use, and I believe it is important for Bridgeport to continue to offer these amenities. The future indoor recreation/sports complex will be a great benefit for our community. I have been very involved in its development and hope to continue that involvement by serving another term on Bridgeport City Council.

About The Candidate

Vote Dustin B. Vincent for City Council - Bridgeport, West Virginia
Bridgeport City Council
Sherwood Road, Bridgeport for the last 15 years
Wife - Virginia (Ginny) Vincent,
Children: Daughter, Vaughn age 15, Sons Brock age 12, & Graham age 8.
Graduated from Fairmont State in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree, WV State Registered Professional Engineer, Project Manager for Pipeline Construction in the Natural Gas Industry.
I have been a member of the Bridgeport City Council since July of 2013. Since that time, I have worked as part of the team to accomplish many improvements within the City of Bridgeport. One of the items that I find to be of high importance is the schools within our community. As a representative of the City, I have worked to provide assistance to Harrison County School's officials on several improvement projects, most notably the Johnson Elementary School replacement project. I was also a member of the 2010 Harrison County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Planning (CEFP) Committee. That was a valuable experience to be able to assess the conditions of all schools in Harrison County and provide direction for a 10 year plan for the Harrison County School Board. Prior to being a part of City Council, I was involved for 4 years as a member of the City of Bridgeport Zoning Appeals Board, serving 2 of those years as the Chairman.
Some of my hobbies/activities include: working out at the gym each day, being involved in administration duties of youth sports organizations in our community, coaching our areas youth in softball, football, and baseball, being an active member of our church community, and taking my children golfing, swimming, & atv riding when the weather permits.

Vote Dustin B. Vincent for City Council - Bridgeport, West Virginia

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